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The staff at Careprost store make sure to ensure our customers’ security and privacy. We ensure our customers that all personal information that we share with them is secured using the most secure web security tools. The only reason we ask for private information from the user is to assist them in making the best decision when making the decision of which medicine to choose and to make their shopping experience for them, more efficient.


Be aware that we require our users to only use HTML0 to provide the following information:

1. Registration-

It will facilitate the process of shopping by filling in personal information that is required to sign up on the site.

2. Communication-

Registering your email address with us is crucial to make communication possible in the event of any dispute, grievances and order execution, for example.

We do not force users to disclose their personal data in any manner. It’s only when a user chooses to submit of personal details that we place them in the “opt-in” category. At any moment the user is at right to opt out of any personal information provided by them. But, the information you provide is required to make easy shopping a reality.

The emails sent by users are sometimes utilized by Careprost Store to send promotional, marketing, or informational emails.

What Are The Cookies And What Are They Used For?

Careprost Store makes use of cookies. What exactly is?

Cookies are small packets of information and signals that a website transmits to the device of users. These small packets or fragments of data remain on the device of the user, and allow us to identify each user. In certain cases the cookies can also be employed by us to protect our users from receiving unwanted ads.

Cookies are used to determine the number of people who visit our sites and also to see what our most popular products. This allows us find the right products for our customers, and makes the buying process more safe.

The privacy policies that are posted on the website may change at the discretion of the business. The website users should read their privacy policies and cookies policies prior to making any registrations on the site.

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